Vancouver to Whistler Limo Experience

Many people who arrive at Vancouver International Airport and need to go to Whistler have 3 options when it comes to transportation – they can take a shuttle bus, they can take a taxi or they can choose to go in a limo. With so many being cost conscious today, taking a taxi or shuttle seem to be the more reasonable options – after all, aren’t taxis and shuttle buses a lot cheaper? That is not necessarily true. Taking a limo from YVR to Whistler makes a lot more sense for several reasons. The distance from Vancouver Airport to Whistler is about 120 kilometers. This means that taking a taxi is more expensive – you will be charged by the distance whereas if you take a limo you will know the cost of your journey in advance and it is typically charged by the hour or by a pre-packaged rate. In fact, if you encounter any hitches on the way with a taxi, such as traffic for example, you will have to pay for them too. There are other reasons why it makes more sense to use a limo service from Vancouver Airport to Whistler.

  • A limo service provides for a much more comfortable trip. If you have ever been in a taxi you know how uncomfortable it can be – they smell of food, sweat, the seats are stained and so on. A limo service provides a much better experience – everything is completely clean, the car smells fresh and the driver is professional.
  • Limo drivers do not usually take the routes that taxi drivers take. They are trained to take the best routes, the ones that have the least traffic. This means that your arrival in Whistler will be more timely.
  • You will have a proper chauffeur for your trip – he will be dressed in uniform, behave professionally and he is trained in customer service. This means if you are bringing any baggage or gear with you, they will handle and load the gear for you.  They are also drug tested and their employers do background checks just to be sure.
  • They provide you with a meet and greet service once you arrive at Vancouver Airport – there will be someone to help you with your bags once you arrive.

What to expect when booking YVR to Whistler limo

Booking a limo service from Vancouver Airport to Whistler is easy. You can either call to reserve your limo or you can book through the company’s website. The limo will be waiting for you when you arrive. The driver will escort you to your car and you will soon be on your way to Whistler. You can expect to be treated professionally. There will be fresh, chilled water to refresh you from your flight and depending on the company that you choose there may be other refreshments. If you book through the best Vancouver limo services you can expect for yours to have Wi-Fi. You will have a safe, hassle-free trip as you are driven to your location. Once you arrive the limo driver will help you with your bags.  One popular and highly rated Vancouver limo company that offers a YVR to Whistler limo service is KJ Limousine Services which can be found here Watch their video for more info on their limo service from YVR to Whistler: If you are interested in booking their service, you may contact them through their contact details: KJ Limousine Services, 550 Taylor St #2401, Vancouver, BC V6B 1R1, (604) 655-2888. If you are needing to be picked up from Richmond, Delta or Surrey, you may want to contact their other location at: KJ Limousine Services, 7871 Westminster Highway, Richmond, BC V6X8H3, (604) 377-1618. Other popular limo companies that go from Vancouver to Whistler include: Luxbus, Pearl Limousine, Modern Limo and Whistler Executive Transportation.

What route will you take?

Your limo service from Vancouver Airport to Whistler will be travelling on the Sea to Sky Highway. It is a very scenic route – you can expect to see snow-capped mountains, waterfalls and even canyons. If you are lucky you may even see some wildlife. The weather in this area can be unpredictable – what was a sunny day could suddenly turn into slush and rain. Limo services install winter tires on their cars between October and March so as to make sure that every journey is safe.

Destinations you should visit during your stay in Whistler

You may want to stop at Granville Island in Vancouver and enjoy some of the best waterfront restaurants in the city. Edible Canada is one that you may want to try – they specialize only in authentic Canadian dishes. You can also make a brief stop at Shannon Falls to admire the scenery – the waterfall is breathtaking. Squamish is also another good destination – you can take part in all kinds of water activities and there are hiking trails. These are not the only two places near Whistler that make for great tourist destinations – look in your guidebook for more.