The Best Places To Go Yachting In Europe

Yachting basically involves using recreational boats and ships for sporting activities and also for leisure activities. There are a number of destinations one can go yachting in Europe, they include;

1. Balearic Islands

These islands are a very popular tourist destination in Europe.  They include Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza.  They provide rich sailing grounds for tourists to carry out yachting activities; in addition to this they are accessible throughout the year.

yachting on the coast of Greece

2. Montenegro And Croatia

In recent years Croatia has become one of the most favourite cruising destinations for tourists.  It is quite serene as compared to other islands and there is also plenty of space for those seeking privacy.  It also has beautiful natural scenery.  Montenegro on the other hand also has islands with striking natural beauty.

3. Amalfi Coast

This area offers concentrated and rich yacht grounds.  It consists of beautiful coastlines and sparkling waters efficient for yachting.  In addition to yachting you are also able to enjoy various historic ruins, Italian cuisine and various designer fashions. The only disadvantage with Amalfi coast is that it can be very crowded during the high peak season.

4. Sicily Islands

Sicily islands combine nature, art and history.  It offers historic architecture and squares and galleries for tourists.  You are also able to enjoy breath-taking views of snow-capped mountains.  In addition to the beautiful scenery you can also get to experience volcanic mud baths, fireworks and hot springs

5. Sardinia

This is the second largest island in the Mediterranean particularly the west side.  The unfortunate bit about this island is that it can be quite expensive during the high season however there are plenty of spectacular beaches and blue waters for yachting.

6. Corsica

This is closely located to Sardinia and is comprised of spectacular mountain scenery.  

It is located between France and Italy.  It is a great endpoint destination

7. Malta

This island is closely located to Sicily.  It is however a lesser visited destination as most tourists prefer Sicily islands

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