Yacht Day In Lake Maggiore – Here Are Some Things To Do

Yachting on Lake Maggiore in Switzerland is a vacation you’re never going to forget. Catch the views of the snow-capped Swiss Alps and enjoy all kinds of adventures. When embarking upon this journey, it helps to know what all you can do as you travel Lake Maggiore and take in this bucket list experience. 

You can visit three individual islands, collectively known as the Borromeo Islands. Look out for white peacocks, and be sure you check out the beautiful gardens. To get a birds eye view of everything, you might want to hop out of the yacht at some point and get in a cable car, too. 

At that point, you’re not just going to see Lake Maggiore but 6 other lakes as well. Be sure to stop in at some of the lakeside towns while you’re on this trip, such as Cannobio and Locarno. And you might also want to board a Hundred Valley train to go up into the Alps for an adventure. 

Dock that yacht to check out some of the gorgeous beachfront along Lake Maggio, and you might want to enjoy some of the watersports that are available, too. You’re going to want to enjoy some of the fantastic restaurants in the area that serve up authentic Italian cuisine, too. And do you like open markets? 

Make your way to Luino on a Wednesday, and you will be immersed in the culture of the largest open market in Europe. There are all kinds of things to enjoy when you book a yachting trip on Lake Maggiore. And you can see that you’re going to want to venture out into further into the area to get the whole experience. In fact, that cable car is one way to see it all. This is going to be one awesome vacation.

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